Our Story

Thin, Cheap, Wrinkly, & rough. These are all common issues we face when shopping for tableware and home decor.

Growing up in Ecuador, our family's dining table was the center of the household, where many memories were made. This was the only time during the day where we all came together and spent quality time with each other. We talked, shared stories, made plans, and argued a lot too! We had a huge Oak table that could accommodate up to 12 people, all handmade. Draped over was a sleek, thick, gray tablecloth made by my grandparents & my 10 year old self. I can recall running to our local market to get more fabric before they closed, and carrying it back home all by myself! Surprisingly, this homespun piece of fabric endured over a decade of hard use. 

Soon after turning 18 I moved out of my parents home, and decided to leave everything behind for a new life in the United States. I moved into Houston, Texas and quickly found an apartment. My biggest worry was over, but I was faced with another issue… The Apartment was completely empty! I had to sleep on the floor for the first couple of days since I barely had any money. Eventually I went out shopping for furniture and more, and because of my family’s culture, I spent a lot of time looking for a quality table and tablecloth that was affordable. Finding a decent table with the little money I had was certainly a challenge, but finding a quality tablecloth which I could afford was nearly impossible! After 2 days I bought a promising tablecloth that I was utterly disappointed with, I had no choice but to continue using it because of my lack of funds. Sure, I could have avoided buying a tablecloth in the first place, but because of my family’s culture I found it absolutely necessary. This was where HomChic was formed. 

As time passed, I eventually became more established in my new found home and was able to buy more expensive home decor that was of actual quality. One weekend I was driving home from work and saw a young lady moving in which reminded me of myself. I decided to help her and give her my old furniture. She was very thankful for what I offered her and gladly accepted my offerings, It wasn't much but it certainly helped. Walking back to my apartment I started reminiscing of the struggles I had with furnishing my home. I wanted to help people in similar situations. This was when HomChic was formed.