Our tablecloths are treated with environmentally friendly products for its water resistant effect.
We don’t use any additives to make them anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, or water-proof.
Our tablecloths can be safely washed in cold water or by hand.
Use a low temperature iron if necessary.
No matter how careful we are, grease and oil stains can happen to any of us, if this happens:
- Quickly absorb the oil with a paper towel
- Apply a small amount of dish detergent and let it work for 10 to 15 minutes, wash it with low temperature water.
- Before putting it into the drier, check that the stain has totally come out. If the stain is still present, repeat the process while the piece is still wet. Only dry it once you’re confident that the stain is gone since exposing the product to heat will make the stains more difficult to come out.
We hope our tablecloth to be the witness of many happy moments around your table.
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