The HomChic History

My grandmother always told me that if I wanted something done right, I should do it myself.

The HomChic Story starts years ago after buying my first home.  Eager to have my first family dinner be an elegant and picturesque event, I drove to the store to pick up a new tablecloth.  After driving to three different big box stores, I found myself growing increasingly frustrated.  The majority of the pieces I found were thin, unsightly, and oddly textured pieces.  Desperate to find the perfect piece to set my dinner table, I shifted my focus to a brick and mortar business that focused on home décor.  Finding what I believed was a thick, heavy tablecloth that perfectly matched my vision, I drove home gleefully – believing that I had found the tablecloth of my dreams.  My dreams were quickly dashed, as after one washing, the tablecloth that had once felt so durable, thick, and heavy transformed into a shapeless rag.  Heartbroken yet resolved, I kept searching.  Next, I found a beautiful cotton tablecloth that gave my room a rustic vibe, only to have it wrinkle beyond recognition after washing, leaving me to spend an exorbitant amount of time ironing.  Finally, I drove to the specialty store where I found a heavy, thick, and magnificent tablecloth that would be absolutely beautiful in my home – only to realize it was so outrageously priced, I couldn’t justify the price.  Feeling defeated, I took to the Internet to solve my problem and find the tablecloth of my dreams – only to find that the quality of the pieces never matched the beautiful images and they had a strong odor.  Frustrated by the entire experience, I decided that there must be a better way.

It was at that moment that HomChic was born.

I created HomChic to make luxurious home décor simple, easy, and affordable.  Committed to offering only the highest quality tablecloths and home goods at affordable prices, HomChic offers exclusive designs, exceptional quality, and unbeatable prices.  Our tablecloths are the result of years or prototypes, fabric choices, and high-intensity testing.  Each HomChic tablecloth is carefully crafted to meet all of the qualities I looked for back in the day.  Our tablecloths look beautiful, drape nicely, are made of thick fabric, are water resistant (without feeling like plastic), odor less, and can be safely used inside or outside of our homes, and last but not least, easy to care for. 

I’m grateful that my grandmother encouraged me to take matters into my own hands, and after just one look at one of our incredible tablecloths, you will be too.